Benefits of Joining Oxbridge


Oxbridge is the FASTEST growing network in finance and real estate projects. With our global alliance partners we have over 200,000 members globally. We offer fantastic technology, systems and support to help you to "Achieve Excellence" in real estate and finance.

Why Join?

World's Fastest Growing Projects Real Estate and Finance Company

Why Join Oxbridge?

We are the FASTEST GROWING Projects Real Estate and Finance Network Globally

Join Oxbridge to sell real estate development projects globally. You DO NOT have to leave your current brokerage/agency. Oxbridge offers agents, brokers and members of the general public to refer buyers to the Oxbridge network. Oxbridge Revenue Share is a percentage of revenue that members earn for attracting other members who are generating revenue for the Oxbridge.

1. Earn Extra Income by Selling and Referring buyers to our Global Projects

Work For Yourself

You can join us as an member, associate or partern

3. Access to National and International Projects

Exclusive Projects for Agents

Oxbridge has access to 2,500+ projects internationally, many of which are exclusive to Oxbridge. Development projects offer excellent commissions some of which can be as high as 25% commission

4. Free Website and Subdomain

Oxbridge offers you a free website

For our full partners Oxbridge offers you a free website for your business. Bring your own domain name and host with us for free

5. Training and Events

Oxbridge provides you with regular free training and support

Oxbridge provides you with regular training and support. Sessions are held
are held every week. See

6. Award Winning Company

Oxbridge has won Countless Awards

Oxbridge has been recognized by numerous government and private association for innovation and technology

7. Fantastic Software

Oxbridge provides you with the latest software

Oxbridge offers you access to multiple software to help you sell

8. 24/7 Support

Oxbridge provides you with all the support you need to sell international projects

Oxbridge provides you with full support for CRM, Accounts, Billing, Marketing and all property related issues through our online platform. Instant chat support is also available through our CRM

Access Oxbridge Support at for real-time support. Please download a copy of Zoom so we can assist you