How to Make your Strata Committee More Effective

  • July 15, 2019
July 24, 2019 @ 4:00 am – 5:30 am Australia/Brisbane Timezone
Strata Leader
How to Make your Strata Committee More Effective @ Sydney | Sydney | AU

Are you frustrated at not being able to get more done in your strata community? To achieve more, it is essential that your Strata Committee operates as a highly effective team. The challenge is few Strata Committees work this way and despite everyone’s best intentions and commitment of time, many Committees struggle to work together to make the most of their homes or investment.

Imagine what you experience on the Strata Committee could be or what your Strata Committee could do if your Strata Committee worked as effective team. You could achieve improvements to common property; deliver facilities that improve the experience of residents in their homes; and in particular, increase or protect the value of your asset. Many of us know all too well the difficulties of working in groups. The Strata Committee is no exception. In fact, it is often one of the most challenging group because the decisions made and outcomes achieved are so personal – they are about your home.

Come and join us at WeWork to build some practical skills that you can apply in your Strata Committees right away.

What you’ll get out of attending this Meetup:

– Learn the 5 reasons why Strata Committees fail to perform as an effective teams

– Get clarity around what it is that you want to achieve and how you can help achieve change

– An assessment of the performance of Strata Committee

– Targeted insights in how you can achieve change

This sessions is ideal for:

– Strata Committee members looking for practical ways to get change on their Committee to deliver more for Lot Owners and residents

– Strata Comments considering changing Strata Managers and who are seeking out the latest thinking and best practice approaches to strata management

– New apartments owners or prospective Strata Committee members looking to build their skills to be more effective members of their Committee

The session will be led by Bill Maiden, Corporate Development Officer of Everlight Radiology, the world’s largest emergency after-hours radiology business and winner of the Australian Growth Company Awards in 2016. In addition to leading Strategy for Everlight, he is responsible for People and Culture and is the architect of Everlight’s approach to people and team development. Bill will be sharing his insights into building highly effective teams in challenging, emotionally charged environments.

The perspectives shared by Bill helped shape the Strata Leader program, which is part of how Concierge at Home, the strata management firm founded by Bill, helps Strata Committees become more successful.

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